What is NAWN?

whoweareThe New Albany Women’s Network (NAWN) was established in 1998 to bring women together throughout New Albany. The founding members created the network to share information and resources, build friendships, and help create a strong community. Since its inception, NAWN has grown from its founding group of 10 members to over 350 strong. NAWN exists to provide a network for all women who live, work, or have an interest in New Albany, Ohio, and to enrich and foster a united, strong community through various social, charitable, educational and community outreach opportunities. Through the power of our organization, the dedication of our time, and the combination of our efforts, we strive to create a strong community for all who live and work in New Albany.


What does NAWN do?

NAWN provides a way for women who live, work, or have an interest in New Albany to connect and give back to the community we call home. We do this through:

  • Social and Special Events
  • Charitable Projects
  • Fundraising Events
  • Community Volunteering

Who can join?

NAWN is open to all women who live, work, or have an interest in New Albany, Ohio. Our members come from every part of the community and range in age, life experience, and occupation.

What is my commitment when I join NAWN?

Beyond annual dues, there is no commitment or participation requirement when you join. While we are proud of our socials, community service projects, and charity events – and personally think these are pretty fun – you are welcome to join just to financially support what we do for the community. You can decide what activities or events fit into your schedule and lifestyle. Participation is encouraged, not required.

Interested in joining NAWN?

Whether you are moving here from across town, across the county, or have lived in New Albany your entire life, we invite you to join NAWN and experience the many resources we offer! If you are interested in joining, or for more information about NAWN membership, please contact membership@NAWN.org. You can also sign up here.