Volunteering/Charitable Giving

Neigh Back to School Supply Kits – Back to school is right around the corner! What better way to kick off the school year than to help the New Albany Food Pantry fill their Back to School Supply Kits?

NAWN has partnered with Seeds of Caring for a New Albany Food Pantry collection event. For those looking to include their families in this effort, Seeds of Caring has provided an at-home activity service packet that will work as an enrichment guide for everyone completing this project. This a wonderful opportunity to empower our children and create special memories as they participate in giving back to their community.

All service packets, as well as items from the New Albany Food Pantry’s most needed items list should be dropped off by August 10 to Lauren Shadwick at 6905 Cunningham Drive, New Albany. There will be a bin set out on the front porch for contactless drop off:

We welcome all support for this important cause. Anyone interested in participating remotely can simply shop the New Albany Food Pantry’s Amazon wish list

Thank you to our Volunteer Committee and Seeds of Caring for bringing this project to life. We cannot wait to see your pictures on our social media page!

Sanctuary Night – Thank you to to the board for their donations and making this night a big success! As a continuation of our NAWN Cares for COLUMBUS challenge, we were able to use the board’s donations to provide meals to the women who attended and supply them with much needed personal hygiene items.

Do you have more ideas for our NAWN Cares for COLUMBUS challenge? If so, please contact volunteering@nawn.org.


Each year NAWN awards two $2,000 scholarships to graduating New Albany High School seniors who demonstrate strong commitment to community service, excellent spirit of leadership and cooperation, exemplary school citizenship and are in good academic standing. NAWN is able to fund these scholarships through our Endowment Fund.

2020– Nina Molnar, Ohio University

2020 – Meredith Given, Miami University

2018– Emma Dunn, Rice University

2018 – Romina Biswas, Miami University

2017 – Victoria Boals, The Ohio State University

2017 – Madison Miller, The Ohio State University

2016 – Sam Malik, University of Cincinnati

2016 – Olivia Neff, Depauw University

2015 – Camilla Suarez, Harvard University

2015 – Mollie Koval, Brown University

2014 – Abigail Fox, Denison University

2014 – Adam Erlichman, Case Western Reserve

2013 – Leigha Anthony, University of Colorado Boulder

2013 – Devon Pitts, Denison University

2012 – Shana Beth Marks, Ohio State University

2012 – Katherine Miller, University of Pennsylvania

2011 – Megan Carter, Smith College

2011 – Abigail Mackey, North Carolina State University

2010 – Joe Calland, Northwestern

2010 – Lauren Thomas, Northwestern

2009 – Chelsey Craig, Ohio University

2009 – Elise Scribano, Ohio State University


Neighborhood Outreach

For general information about Neighborhood Outreach or to sign up to be part of our committee please contact outreach@NAWN.org.

When a member of our community, NAWN member or not, is in need, Neighborhood Outreach is here to help. This group coordinates meals and other services for individuals and families going through any life event that may require some help from friends, such as the addition of a new child, a move, or an illness or death. Any member may recommend a family or individual (NAWN member or not), and any member may ask for assistance. In a normal year between 50 – 100 meals will be provided to those in need within the New Albany community. This program is a great way to fulfill NAWN’s mission of “creating a strong community.” If you or someone you know could use the help of our Neighborhood Outreach group, please contact outreach@NAWN.org.