Charitable Projects

The New Albany Women’s Network was proud to partner with New Albany Food Pantry during the month of July. We are grateful to our members for helping us raise over $1,000 in donations, in support of families living in our very own school district. A monetary donation to the pantry is significant because they can use their relationships to stretch the funds ten times farther, making our donation a $10,000 value. We support the Mission of New Albany Food pantry and look forward to partnering with them again in the near future.

In past years we have collected school supplies and office supply store gift cards, summer camp supplies, newborn baby supplies, and more for local organizations in need. Each December NAWN holds our “Make Holiday Magic” gift drive for local families who cannot afford holiday gifts for their children. Identified through the New Albany Plain Local Schools, NAWN receives an anonymous list of families and their holiday gift wish lists. NAWN members fulfill these wishes and help “Make Holiday Magic” for local families in need.

For more information about our Charitable Projects programs, please contact charitableprojects@nullNAWN.org.


Each year NAWN awards two $2,000 scholarships to graduating New Albany High School seniors who demonstrate strong commitment to community service, excellent spirit of leadership and cooperation, exemplary school citizenship and are in good academic standing. NAWN is able to fund these scholarships through our Endowment Fund.

2018– Emma Dunn, Rice University

2018 – Romina Biswas, Miami University

2017 – Victoria Boals, The Ohio State University

2017 – Madison Miller, The Ohio State University

2016 – Sam Malik, University of Cincinnati

2016 – Olivia Neff, Depauw University

2015 – Camilla Suarez, Harvard University

2015 – Mollie Koval, Brown University

2014 – Abigail Fox, Denison University

2014 – Adam Erlichman, Case Western Reserve

2013 – Leigha Anthony, University of Colorado Boulder

2013 – Devon Pitts, Denison University

2012 – Shana Beth Marks, Ohio State University

2012 – Katherine Miller, University of Pennsylvania

2011 – Megan Carter, Smith College

2011 – Abigail Mackey, North Carolina State University

2010 – Joe Calland, Northwestern

2010 – Lauren Thomas, Northwestern

2009 – Chelsey Craig, Ohio University

2009 – Elise Scribano, Ohio State University

Volunteer Opportunities

NAWN is excited to introduce its new Volunteer Committee! There is always a need for this in the New Albany area, and we know our NAWN ladies have the hearts to help. Stay tuned for more local volunteer opportunities as needs in our community arise. We encourage you to participate!

Adopt a Family Holiday Gift Drive
Supporting families in our community who need special attention is the reason we love to be part of NAWN. “Adopting” families during the holidays has been a long-standing tradition in our organization, and we are please to be able to continue this tradition again. Each family has put together a “wish list” that you can access HERE. Please indicate which item(s) you plan to purchase in the “person buying” column.

In an effort to help make this year’s giving easy, we have also created a giving registry on Amazon HERE. Most of the bigger items are on the registry. If you sign up for one of these items, feel free to purchase something on your own or simply buy it off of the registry and it will ship to Melissa Olson’s house. If you find anything on Amazon that is not on this registry, feel free to ask Melissa to add it for you.

You will also have the option to contribute monetarily by sending money to Melissa’s Venmo account, or connecting to the registry and purchasing a gift card. We did not add bikes to the registry, but if you are interested in contributing money towards the bike, we will ship those directly to the charitable organization. Melissa’s Venmo account is @sammyolson. Save the date for a wrapping party on Monday night, December 9!

For more information on this volunteer opportunity, or if you are interested in receiving emails about future volunteer opportunities, please contact Nichol Butsky at at volunteer@nullNAWN.org.

Neighborhood Outreach

For general information about Neighborhood Outreach or to sign up to be part of our committee please contact Carrie Bussewitz, outreach@nullNAWN.org.

When a member of our community, NAWN member or not, is in need, Neighborhood Outreach is here to help. This group coordinates meals and other services for individuals and families going through any life event that may require some help from friends, such as the addition of a new child, a move, or an illness or death. Any member may recommend a family or individual (NAWN member or not), and any member may ask for assistance. In a normal year between 50 – 100 meals will be provided to those in need within the New Albany community. This program is a great way to fulfill NAWN’s mission of “creating a strong community.” If you or someone you know could use the help of our Neighborhood Outreach group, please contact outreach@nullNAWN.org.