8wKm-qWWC5XhG-QacNgtUrU0uvA9jnho6b_LTiJ2J9MEstablished in 2003 at the New Albany Community Foundation, NAWN’s Endowment Fund is a charitable savings account providing investment income that may be used to make grants to worthy local causes or other nonprofit organizations that support NAWN’s mission of “creating a strong community.” The fund started with $10,000 and a commitment to raise more funds through both earned interest and additional fundraising and is now over $1 million dollars. Since the inception of the Endowment Fund, NAWN has donated over $40,000 to various local causes and non-profit organizations, including New Albany Safety Town, Columbus Metropolitan Library Homework Help Center, Healthy New Albany Community Garden, New Albany Special Olympics, the Scholar Author Series at the New Albany Plain Local Schools, and scholarships to graduating New Albany High School seniors for exemplary community service.