Book Clubs

NAWN-bookclub-new-albany-ohioNAWN has eight active book clubs and is currently forming a ninth group. If you are interested in joining this new group, or have questions about NAWN book clubs, please contact Cathy at Happy Reading

Summer is synonymous with reading and the NAWN Book Clubs have continued to thrive throughout all of the craziness! Here we wanted to share a few of our favorite reads so far in 2020:

28 Summers Elin Hilderbrand is a personal favorite and back with another classic book for the summer. The details and whimsy in her writing bring you to life on the island of Nantucket, where I’m sure we would all love to be quarantined!

Long Bright River This is for the reader who likes a good twist. It is hard to find an author who can build a story with just the right amount of suspense and keep you guessing until the end. Members of our group were texting each other late into the night with predictions – (which turned out to be wrong)!

UnSelfie As if this book was meant for our current volunteerism project, it starts out with a heartwarming story of a boy who is the recipient of a backpack full of school supplies and his concern with the personal note enclosed, rather than the gift itself. This book will nourish you as you read about Dr. Michele Borba’s guide for raising emotionally intelligent kids!

If you are not currently a member of one of our book clubs, we would love for you to join. Please reach out to