Letter from the President

Let’s be honest with each other – now is not the easiest of times.

Hard decisions with schooling (did I make the right choice?), how to best live and be safe (plus protecting others) and be better community members (supporting and standing up for our beliefs) is constantly on a lot of our minds. Plus, it’s extremely hard not seeing everyone in large group settings.

Giving you all virtual hugs and saying a HUGE thank you for your support of a few of our recent activities, including:

  • Donating $10,000 to the New Albany Food Pantry from An Evening in New Albany (ENA) ticket sales; this amount helps provide food and nourishment to our community members most in need
  • Providing meals to the women who came to Sanctuary Night, as well as purchased much needed personalhygiene items. (photos below)
  • Completing our online survey; we heard from close to 100 members and past-members; we’ll use these findings to develop our go forward plan for this year and 2021 – I’m excited to share it with you next month!

These acts of kindness, plus spending quality time with my family outdoors, are a few of the positive things I’m enjoying. Share with us on NAWN Chat some of the things you’re doing for yourself, family and community that brings you joy and happiness. We all need some sunshine from time to time.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me with any ideas – I love hearing from you all!

Terri Erlenbach
NAWN President


Thank you to everyone who participated in the NAWN social survey! The results showed that 60% were comfortable attending a social and 23% were comfortable hosting a small and outdoor social at their home.

If you are Interested in hosting, please email me. We will be in touch about future events soon. 

Chandra Verbic

Volunteering/Charitable Giving

Back to School Supply Kits – Back to school is right around the corner! What better way to kick off the school year than to help the New Albany Food Pantry fill their Back to School Supply Kits?

NAWN has partnered with Seeds of Caring for a New Albany Food Pantry collection event. For those looking to include their families in this effort, Seeds of Caring has provided an at-home activity service packet that will work as an enrichment guide for everyone completing this project. This a wonderful opportunity to empower our children and create special memories as they participate in giving back to their community.

All service packets, as well as items from the New Albany Food Pantry’s most needed items list should be dropped off by August 10 to Lauren Shadwick at 6905 Cunningham Drive, New Albany. There will be a bin set out on the front porch for contactless drop off:

We welcome all support for this important cause. Anyone interested in participating remotely can simply shop the New Albany Food Pantry’s Amazon wish list

Thank you to our Volunteer Committee and Seeds of Caring for bringing this project to life. We cannot wait to see your pictures on our social media page!

Sanctuary Night Thank you to to the board for their donations and making this night a big success! As a continuation of our NAWN Cares for COLUMBUS challenge, we were able to use the board’s donations to provide meals to the women who attended and supply them with much needed personal hygiene items.

Do you have more ideas for our NAWN Cares for COLUMBUS challenge? If so, please contact volunteering@nawn.org.

Book Clubs

Summer is synonymous with reading and the NAWN Book Clubs have continued to thrive throughout all of the craziness! Here we wanted to share a few of our favorite reads so far in 2020:

28 Summers – Elin Hilderbrand is a personal favorite and back with another classic book for the summer. The details and whimsy in her writing bring you to life on the island of Nantucket, where I’m sure we would all love to be quarantined!

Long Bright River – This is for the reader who likes a good twist. It is hard to find an author who can build a story with just the right amount of suspense and keep you guessing until the end. Members of our group were texting each other late into the night with predictions – (which turned out to be wrong)!

UnSelfie – As if this book was meant for our current volunteerism project, it starts out with a heartwarming story of a boy who is the recipient of a backpack full of school supplies and his concern with the personal note enclosed, rather than the gift itself. This book will nourish you as you read about Dr. Michele Borba’s guide for raising emotionally intelligent kids!

If you are not currently a member of one of our book clubs, we would love for you to join. Please reach out to bookclubs@NAWN.org.

In and Around New Albany

Along with everyone else, we are looking for ways to stretch out the summer and make it last just a little longer!

Lynd’s Fruit Farm –  Currently featuring their exquisite sunflowers. They are fun for kids and provide an excellent backdrop for pictures. Before you know it…we will all be heading back to pick apples!

Back to School – Hard to believe it is already upon us. As we move into the fall months NAWN plans to use Chat to keep moms connected and provide real-time ideas on what is working and how you are keeping structure within your families.

Health and Well Being – Is important now more than ever. It’s hard to say why women put themselves last on the list, but together we can help each other find that balance. NAWN is looking forward to continuing to provide ideas and content around well-being, setting up virtual “check-ins” to see how you are doing and share ideas about creating value-centered homes. 

Together we will continue to reach for our strongest self, care for our families and build-up the community around us.


Wednesday, September 23, 7-8 p.m.

Membership will be hosting a virtual New Member Meet and Greet for all new members. The zoom link is coming soon and we can’t wait for you to join us!

For more information please contact Tracy at membership@NAWN.org

August Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 12, 7-8 p.m.

All members are invited to attend NAWN’s monthly board meetings. Due to current social distancing guidelines, the August board meeting will be held via Zoom. Please use the information below to join us! For more information please contact Andrea atsecretary@NAWN.org.

Join Zoom Meeting

Welcome New Members!

Colette Hughes
Chrissi Sanders