An Evening in New Albany: Update

Due to the continued risk of COVID-19 and the vast restrictions placed on large events, we have decided to cancel An Evening in New Albany for 2020.

We know our neighbors at the New Albany Food Pantry still need our help in regularly receiving nourishing food. Between March and June, the New Albany Food Pantry has provided 59,000 meals to 185 families. 47% of the 670 individuals they’ve served are children in our community.

As such, we will donate 100% of all ticket sales directly to the New Albany Food Pantry. Every dollar that the Pantry receives = $9 in “buying power” with their vast network of food manufacturers and Food Bank partners. That means your $100 ticket = $900 in buying power! If you were planning a date night, you just provided the Food Pantry with $1800!

All guests choosing to donate their ticket(s) purchase to the New Albany Food Pantry will receive a receipt for this 100% tax-deductible donation.

The Food Pantry will be using the ticket sale donations to continue to serve the increased number of families in our community with nourishing food.  They will also be providing families with toiletries, feminine products, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies – none of which are currently provided through food stamps. For more information about the New Albany Food Pantry and the impactful work they do visit:

If you would like to donate your ticket purchase to the Food Pantry, no need to contact us. Refunds may also be processed back to ticketholders. Please send us an email by July 31 to and we will promptly refund your ticket(s) purchase.